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Interview with Linh Le and Myra Gallarza (2014)

Interviewee(s): Linh Le and Myra Gallarza
Interviewer(s): Kevin Wells
Date (interview / published): after May 26, 2014 / June 9, 2014

To read the interview, follow the source link on the right or, in case the original source is deleted or removed in the future, resort to our archived version on this wiki page.

Kevin Wells: How did your bowling team, Gutter Fuzz, perform in the bowling tournament?

Myra Gallarza: I think we did pretty good. I think we surprised ourselves and actually bowled pretty good. We did a couple practice runs before Punk Rock Bowling and we were kind of rusty at first and kind of really sucking because we haven’t bowled in quite a long time. We actually did pretty good at Punk Rock Bowling. I’m really surprised at myself and the rest of the girls are surprised with themselves as well. We didn’t make it to the playoffs, but as far as our average and points go, I think we did pretty good. We weren’t hung over, which is a good thing. I think last time we bowled we were super hung over for the last Punk Rock Bowling we did. We were horrible. It was terrible. It helped to stay kind of mellow the night before and not drink too much and get wasted.

Rinh Re: I think we each met our own personal goals. Maybe not for Stacey [Dee] because she’s a wiz and she hit it every so often, which is cool. I’m a terrible bowler, on the other hand. [laughs] I broke 100, that’s awesome!

KW: Did you do any gambling?

RR: I didn’t. I’m not much of a gambler. When I do, I like to play Blackjack, but that’s pretty much it. There’s too much going on and I’m usually too f**ked to comprehend, so. [laughs]

KW: Outside of actually playing, what was your favorite part of the weekend?

MG: I would say being on stage and actually standing there and checking out Against Me! and OFF! and NoFX; actually having that access and being like, whoa, I’m on stage and checking out some of my favorite bands. You know what I mean? Being so close to these bands versus one time I was standing in an alley watching Rancid play.

RR: My most favorite part was getting to watch The Addicts and Face To Face and Descendents play. It was evening-ish, but it was still hot as s**t outside. We were able to get in the VIP area with fans blowing mist on us. Even though I wasn’t that close to the stage, I was close enough for it to be an awesome experience. I loved it. I loved seeing that.

KW: What was the worst thing that happened over the weekend?

MG: The worst thing about that weekend was it was f**king hot, dude. The heat was the worst. It was our enemy that weekend. I think the day we played was probably the hottest day of the whole weekend. I think the heat literally f**ked us up. It was just so f**kin’ hot. We couldn’t get over how hot it was when we were playing, before, during and after. [laughs] The whole day, the whole time it was just freakin’ hot. It was one of the hottest times and periods of my entire life. I couldn’t even cool down three hours after we played.

RR: I almost drowned in the bathtub. Well, not by accident or on purpose, it was just a realization because I had gone a full day, probably a little over 24 hours, of absolutely no sleep. At that point, I was at the pool at the Golden Nugget and a bunch of my friends told me I needed to take a nap. So, I went back to the hotel room and everybody had passed out. There wasn’t much floor space for me to sleep. I thought, maybe I’ll take a shower and freshen up a little bit. Then I thought, oh I’ll take a bath. Turns out, I’m shorter than the length of the bathtub and there’s not a ledge to prop my head on. I kept slipping. I thought, if I pass out, this is gonna be terrible. So, that woke me up for a minute and I ended up going to my friend’s hotel room two floors down. They made me sleep for like 12 hours. [laughs]

KW: What was the craziest thing you witnessed at Punk Rock Bowling?

RR: The moment that was craziest for me was when I was watching NoFX play, just watching the sea of people was unreal. It was just wave after wave of people crowd surfing. That was probably the most intense moment for me, to see that from the perspective that we could play a show like that. And I want that so badly. I really do. It’s exhilarating. It’s better than any drug people can get addicted to.

KW: What band or bands impressed you the most?

MG: I really liked Rats in the Wall. I’ve never checked them out. I’ve heard of them before. They were one of the bands that opened up the day we played. I really liked them. I thought they had a good sound and had some good songs. Eva, the singer, we met her. She’s a real cool chick. She’s actually from Huntington Beach. She’s awesome. She puts it out there. I think she’s a great performer and a great singer. I like seeing that. I like seeing chicks just going up there and screaming and just doing their thing. It was pretty rad.

Masked Intruder put on a really great show. We were stoked to see those guys. They had a really fun, good show. Those guys are hilarious on stage. They’re funny dudes, man. They’re great guys. I’m really glad we’re on the same label and we actually get to play some shows with them when we’re in Europe later this year. I’m really stoked about that.

Also, La Plebe, they’re another great band from the Bay Area. They really blew my mind. I’ve seen them before several times back in the day, but to see them again and refresh my mind, I thought they were really great live. I love the fact that they use a lot of Spanish vocals and stuff like that. The girls were like, “What are they saying?” They were so excited to hear what the guys were saying. You know they’re talking about revolution and stuff like that. They had a song called, Pinches Fronteras, which is like F**k Your Borders. I was trying to explain that to them, but I was also trying to listen.

I missed a lot of bands, but I definitely got to see Cock Sparrer, which was great. I saw the Addicts. The Addicts were great. OFF! was another great band. They were all amazing; put on a great show, good energy.

Definitely Against Me! was one of the toppers for the weekend for me. They’re just f**king amazing. What stoked me out even more is meeting Laura Jane because she is amazing. It’s just great to connect with these people. I think what she is doing is a great thing and they’re a great band. They’re sick.

I missed Descendents. NoFX was a great, fun live show they put on. It was amazing. People were going just absolutely nuts. This one guy jumped from the speaker, next to where I was standing, all the way out to the pit in front. I couldn’t believe he even made it over the barrier. I thought he was gonna f**kin’ die. He got up. I saw him trying to jump. Then he kind of changed his mind. He hesitated for a little bit and then he got down. Then, again, I see him standing up there and his buddy is videotaping him and he just f**kin’ leaped. I was like, oh, s**t. People were just going nuts. Overall, it was one of the better Punk Rock Bowlings I experienced in quite a while. Good times, good times.

RR: I thought for being on pretty much the same level we are, I thought Clepto put on a real good show. We played a show with them in the past, and there were just a few of them. I’ve never gotten to see them as a full band. They’re great, fantastic. Their presence on stage is appealing. I was really impressed with them.

KW: Is there a band or bands you wanted to see, for whatever reason you could not make it?

RR: I really wanted to see Off With Their Heads. I’ve missed them a few times already. I love OWTH. I wanted to see them at PRB, but we didn’t make it in time. I wanted to see the Reverend Horton Heat, for sure, because I’ve played in psychobilly bands in the past. It would have been great to see them. And of course, I missed Cro-Mags, one of my most favorite hardcore bands out there. I grew up with east coast hardcore. I loved it. I’m pretty bummed I missed Cro-Mags.

KW: When do you leave for Europe?

MG: We leave August 27. Our first show will be August 28. I think the first two or three shows are with Masked Intruder. I think we’re playing with the Murderburgers too. We haven’t gotten the full itinerary and lineup yet, but we leave on the 27th, first show is the 28th and we leave September 14. I believe we play up until the 13th. We’re literally playing like every night almost. It’s gonna be mainly Germany. We’ll probably go to Italy for three dates and Czech Republic and Denmark.

KW: When can people in the U.S. expect to see Bad Cop / Bad Cop on tour?

MG: We actually planned to do kind of a Midwest tour before we got hit up to do the European tour. We talked about it and planned it. Then the whole European thing came up. In order to make this feasible, we decided not to do the Midwest tour and putting our main focus and money towards Europe. Next year for sure we definitely plan to do some sort of a U.S. tour as soon as we get our next album done. I’m not sure when that will be, but that’s what’s coming up next for us.