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Bad Cop/Bad Cop talk Euro tour, vinyl, and Fat Wreck bands

Source: Exclusive Fat Wreck Wiki content!
Interviewee(s): Bad Cop / Bad Cop
Interviewer(s): Jan Viktor Martin
Date (interview / published): September 3, 2014 / September 16, 2014

During their first ever European tour, Fat Wreck Wiki contributor Viktor sat down with Bad Cop/Bad Cop at their show in Kiel to talk about setlists, song meanings, vinyl, Fat Mike, Myra's singing, and lots of other unimportant stuff.


European tour

The tour so far

Viktor: So, the tour, how is it going? A little mid-tour evaluation...?
Stacey: It's remarkable.
Jennie: It's going well!
Stacey: Really really well.
Myra: Super good!
Jennie: Swimmingly!
Stacey: Our first show was a free show in Nürnberg. We've never been there before. And it was great! It was packed. And there was a line outside, of people that couldn't get in. I mean, for us --
Myra: It was a really high-energy show!
Stacey: So we were the only ones playing, so there wasn't another local band.
V: That's impressive.
Jennie: We thought no one would be there.
Stacey: We thought no one would be there!
Jennie: We were like, "We're tired, we just got here, we need to go to the bathroom..."
Stacey: Yeah, but then we ended up playing, like, 15? -- every song that we could remember to play well and get away with it.
Myra: And the kids were having fun --
Stacey: I got my lip busted open the first night (points to it).
V: Off to a good start!
Myra: -- which made us have more fun... There was a pit, there was dancing, there was just... it was crazy.
Stacey: The energy was great and everybody there seemed to really, really like it.
Jennie: It was great.
Myra: And it was cool to see people actually know the songs and sing along and stuff.
V: I can imagine.
Myra: That really pumps us up.
Stacey: Yes! They have been. At every show. There's always a group of people that are singing the 7inch, Boss Lady, from Fat... Then we joined up with Masked Intruder, and The Murderburgers - Masked Intruder is also on Fat, you know... Those shows were great as well. Everything --
Myra: The shows kicked ass!
Stacey: And we've been meeting some, you know, other really cool bands that I think we'll stay in touch with for a long time.
V: That's so cool.
Myra: We made new friends.
Stacey: Yeah. They're taking care of us, too. Like, every place that we're staying, there is blow-up mattresses and -- We thought... -- We brought our own everything! Like, pillows and sleeping bags.
V: Yeah, you gotta be prepared.
Jennie: Yeah, 'cause in the States it's like --
Myra: Germany knows what's up! You've been really accommodating. Really cool.
Stacey: And they don't care how put out they are. Like, how they can't even get into their own places because we're there, you know. But they're like, "Oh, it's cool," - and then they end up hanging out with us, and then by the time we're leaving it's like family saying good bye.


V: So, how do you decide on a setlist?
Jennie: Linh's been callin' 'em.
Stacey: Linh's been calling them... But they're the songs that we kind of picked to bring over here to play. So I think we just nailed an order that we all feel really comfortable with. And then we have some songs that -- if anybody wants an encore, we can come back out. We have this kind of balance where we bring it up, take it down, bring it up, take it down, BRING IT UP...
V: I noticed last night that you played two new songs...
Myra: Yes!
V: So, you chose them to present on this European tour?
Jennie: We're just excited about them!
Stacey: So we wanna play them...
Jennie: They're so fun.
Stacey: 'Cause nobody has heard a full-length from us, we might as well play whatever we want.
V: I hope you'll play them tonight again because I couldn't make out the vocals last night in Hamburg.
Jennie: Oh yeah! We're stoked! I'm looking forward to those. I don't know about you guys, but I get --
Stacey: I love them. I get stoked when we play them.

New songs and old songs

Old Dogs

V: So, can you say a little bit more about them and the lyrics? I noticed that they're both pretty fast, but what's the subject matter?
Stacey (to Jennie): You wanna go?
Jennie: Well, Old Dogs is, like, (thinks carefully) a third wave feminist kind of manifesto... Kind of declaration thing... But I just want to be clear that third wave feminism includes everyone! There's this dispute going on where people are like, "You said the F-word --"
Stacey: "You sexist!"
Jennie: "-- that means you hate my penis." And it's like, I don't give a shit about your penis, or who you're making out with - everybody can play. So that song is kind of like --
Stacey: "We're just as good as you are, so why don't you start listening to what we have to say and so maybe --"
Jennie: And let other people at the table, too!
Stacey: Absolutely. It's brought. We're trying to say, everybody can step up, if you don't feel you're getting heard, or you should be heard, you know? Everybody's worth it.
Jennie: Yeah. You can -- It's like the transcendental meditation concept that every seed has the potential to be an entire tree.
Stacey: Right.
Jennie: That's like all I know about transcendental meditation (laughs), but that tree is in all of us. So everybody can -- say what you wanna say, get what you want, and there is no glass ceiling, and your rights are totally valid.
V: Awesome.
Jennie: like a three-minute song (laughs).
V: Yeah, I was gonna say, now I'm really curious about the lyrics.


Stacey: And the other one is about women that are abused by their man. And it's a true story about my roommate that came home with two black eyes and a busted lip that looked like a cracked lobster.
V: That's fucked up.
Stacey: I was taking care of it and stuff. And then she kept going back to him, and I was like, "At this point, you're an asshole, too", you know what I mean? So this song was, like, to help women that are in that position to know that they're worth it. That they can change anything they want to change. And get out of it. Leave. Begin a new life and be anything they wanna be. So that's kind of what it is.

V: That's great. Because, you know, in an old interview with you, Stacey, I read that you originally wanted to start a fun band that sings about poop and stuff --
Stacey: Yeah, piss and poop, yeah.
Jennie: (laughs)
Stacey: I wanted to name it "Artemis" and all I wanted to do was sing about really disgusting subject matters...
V: -- but this serious stuff sounds great, like it fits with you guys really well.
Stacey: Well, it's still poppy...
Jennie: We're getting old, there is no time (laughs). It's like, "I have all these things to say --"
Stacey: "Gotta get them out now!" - But they're still delivered in a poppy enough format. It's not like we're browbeating with some serious shit.
Myra: You won't be depressed when you come to our shows. You're still gonna be, "Oh cool, that's a cool song." And you know what, there's a point in there.
Jennie: (whispers) We're not trying to bum anybody out.


Stacey: We still have some fun songs like Asshole and Get Rad. Those songs are -- people seem to really take on to -- they're super catchy... You hear a song with "Asshole", that's one thing, but it's also, Jennie (looks at her), a true story, like she says.
Jennie: Yeah, and I just want to clarify: Somebody told me that it's a mean song, and it's not.
V: I read something like that in a review as well.
Jennie: This person is -- It's about the person that you keep having this terrible relationship with and you finally get to the point where you have enough distance between yourself and that person that it's just funny how awful it was. You know?
V: Oh I get it.
Jennie: It's like, "What was the deal? You have a ridiculous haircut now." (laughter)
V: Exactly. I guess if you only pay attention to that line about the haircut --
Jennie: Oh, I know.
V: -- you could think that's kind of judgmental.
Jennie: No, I don't care about anybody's haircut, I was just so satisfied seeing it that it was like --
Stacey: "Haha, look at you and your stupid fucking haircut!"
Jennie: I won I think (laughs) by coming out of this relationship
V: The song does paint a great picture.
Stacey: We don't like to cut anybody down. I think we like to build people up more than that.

Get Rad

V: You mentioned the Get Rad song. It's kind of weird: It's not on your official 7inches, only on that CD-R that you, like, gave out or something...
Stacey: Yeah
V: Do people still like it?
Stacey: People love those songs.
V: On the first listen? I don't think many people in Europe will have heard it before.
Stacey: Yeah.
Myra: It's an old song of ours. That was probably one of our first --
Stacey: The first one that Jennie and I were like --
Myra: I'd say that's kind of our anthem song. We like to get rad.
V: Yeah and on your stickers and stuff it says "Get Rad". When I bought your first 7inch I was curious what this was in reference to: "No 'Get Rad' song on the record, hmmmmm."
Jennie: (jokingly) "What is this 'rad'?"
Myra: It didn't make the EPs, but we're hoping that it will make the full-length.
Stacey: I think it deserves it.


Working with Fat Mike

V: I was meaning to ask about that...
Stacey: We're working on that right now. And we're working with Fat Mike on the songs that we're picking, and what --
Jennie: And we're still writing.
Stacey: And we're still writing, too. So we've got a lot -- We're (thinks) -- We're on track. We should have it out probably by next spring.
Jennie: We're hoping to get to work on it when we get home.
Stacey: That's the thing we wanna focus on.
Myra: Finish it up.
V: That makes sense.
Stacey: Then we're gonna work with [Fat Mike] on some pre-production of the songs that we sent that he really really liked, which -- He did say that he liked a lot, you know, more than half of them. So that's a good thing! You know, I'm used to hearing, "Stacey, start again, this is shit. What happened to the poppy songs?! Where's the good shit?!" So to get something positive back, and to hear that he wants to produce the record potentially, is pretty cool.
V: That's great! I hear he does like one record a year...
Stacey: Right.
Jennie: Well, he's very busy.
V: I know he produced Old Man Markley, and then Get Dead.
Stacey: He did Get Dead. Those guys are good friends of mine. I sang on that Bartender song.
V: Oh that's you?
Stacey: Yea, that's me.
V: Is it in the credits? I didn't even notice.
Stacey: Yea, I'm thanked in like three different ways in there... So yeah, working with him is something that I really, really wanna do. I just really want to. I think it's something that we SHOULD do. And HE wants to do it, so that only makes things better, you know what I mean? For real. And you know what, he's a feminist, too (laughs)... I'd say... He's a cool submissive dude... to strong women. (to the microphone) Love you, Mike. Kisses.

Song selection

V: So might songs from the 7inches also end up on the album?
Stacey: We'll see...
Myra: We don't know.
Stacey: We'll see if that's a potential thing to do, but I think that we're going forward with some --
Myra: A whole complete new --
V: That's what the fans like to hear!
Jennie: Yeah...
Stacey: I don't wanna do that --
V: Like, some bands put out the same songs over and over...
Stacey: Ya, ya, ya!
V: But on the other hand, it would make sense if you said those were some of your best songs and you wanted them to be on your debut album.
Jennie: They're not! We've already written better songs. I think.
V: That's awesome. (surprised) Even better?!
Jennie: We think.
Myra: We think so, yea. We're working on them.
Jennie: (in an overly excited voice) "Sounds even better!" (laughter)

Band name

V: So here's a pretty basic question: Who came up with the name, Bad Cop/Bad Cop?
Stacey: It was a joke, a long, long time ago, between me and the original bass player that's no longer in the band. But we had this band together called The City, and I was like, "Let's name the record Bad Cop/Bad Cop!" And she was all, "No no no, we need to save that for something else!" And so when we started the band, it was Bad Cop/Bad Cop. We put it to use... It's not from the movie! People ask that all the time.
V: I didn't think so.
Myra: Not from the movie, or the show. We just thought it was funny.
Jennie: It is funny.
Myra: Like, first it was Bad Cop, then we said what about if we do it twice: Bad Cop/Bad Cop. It has more of a ring to it.
Stacey: It's fun to say it twice.
V: Did you know there is a German techno duo of the same name?
Stacey: Yes.
Jennie: We found out.
Myra: Yes. (jokingly) Apparently we're getting confused with them? (laughter)
V: Oh, there are gonna be sooo many techno fans tonight!
Myra: No, I hope not.
Jennie: (jokingly) Soooorry. (laughter)
Stacey: And they're like, "What the fuck, this ain't no techno group?!"
Jennie: "We brought Ecstasy!"

(The band's dinner is brought to the backstage area, I ask if we should conclude the interview, but the ladies seem in no hurry and are nice enough to encourage me to continue. Time for some weird specific questions!)

Vinyl and DIY

V: For your first self-titled release, why did you choose to do vinyl instead of putting it on iTunes or something?
Jennie: Because! We needed to give people something to hold on to. And also, vinyl is coming back. It never left.
V: So are you record collectors yourselves?
Jennie, Myra: Yeah
Stacey: Yeah, I love going record shopping. I could stay in a store and look for hours, and just buy things from the cover. And I found that I've got some gems at home that are some great shit, you know what I mean?
Myra: Everybody in our scene has been doing it. Vinyl has made a comeback. And everybody that we've played with has released either a bunch of 7inches, or they also do splits with other bands. So yea, they're actually pretty popular again. But we do offer the downloads.
V: It's a good concept, and just what Fat Wreck Chords is doing, so you fit right in there. Vinyl is a bis aspect of theirs.
Myra: Yeah, it's cool. I know people want the CD still, which is kind of crazy because we don't do that any more.
Jennie: I don't get asked for that very often.
Stacey: I don't get either.
Jennie: Here we did. And I was like, "What the fuck? You guys are buying all the records. I know I'm shipping to Europe all the time." (laughter)
Myra: "I've seen your vinyl! Don't lie!"
V: So how many were pressed of the first EP?
Jennie: 500.
V: Alright. The record collectors are gonna be happy knowing the number.
Jennie: 500.
Stacey: And we have less than a hundred left of them.
Jennie: Yes. And we stuffed everything ourselves, it's like, handmade.
V: That's so cool. DIY style...
Myra: We're still DIY!
Stacey: We're still a DIY band and always will be a DIY band. But luckily we got Fat, you know, helping us out. They've been really great to us, I can't say that they haven't. So... We're lucky kids.

Dre Day

V: I saw on your Facebook that you played an event called Dre Day --
Myra: Ooooh yeah!
V: -- and I'm really curious about what it is exactly...?
Jennie: There's a man in the United States of America named Joe Dana, who is a force of nature.
Stacey: Yes!
Jennie: He is like, the spirit animal of the DIY scene in Los Angeles.
Stacey: He's sooo nice. Him and his brother Colin, they're the funniest people ever.
Jennie: I think Linh might be the only person that can keep up with him. Like, 24 hours a day. So it's like -- He paces on speed. He just wants to party... So [Dre Day] is his baby.
Linh: Picture the two guys, Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd.
Stacey: Crazy guys...
Jennie: Crazy guys...
Linh: Picture any version of those guys, and that is --
Stacey: They, like, change their cloths three or four times during an event.
Jennie: Yea, they bring funny outfits. It's so good.
Linh: Hawaiian shirts and, like, captain hats.
Stacey: So, it's about Dr. Dre.
Jennie: He loves rap AND punk, so he wanted this event, with punk bands --
Myra: With punk bands, and then what each band does is, they cover a couple of songs from Dr. Dre.
Jennie: And side-projects and production counts.
Stacey: Anything that he's done.
V: (jokingly) I was just about to ask.
Jennie: Yea, there's rules! He's got a lot of rules about, like, do not be disrespectful, this is not a mockery of black culture. Like, you must respect Dr. Dre.
Stacey: Oh no, we brought it, we brought it! Instead of playing it punk rock style or anything we dropped into hip-hop and straight rapped it. It was rad!
Myra: Yea, we straight out almost did it --
Jennie: And it's annual.
Linh: Char Pack was kind enough to play keys, so you can actually get the rhythm of it, and have the bass and drums behind it, because that's a lot of what hip-hop's derived on. It's its basis.
Stacey: The bass and keys and drums, yea.
V: So what songs did you play? Would I know them?
Jennie: We were given California Love. Because we were the headliners. And he was like, "I'm just gonna let you know - wink, wink - California Love is not taken yet." And we were like, "Got it." (laughter)
Stacey: It was still hard to learn. Like, the way that they both rapped in California Love - it's tricky to do 2Pac's, you know, like (raps) "Fresh out of jail / out on bail / California dreamin'". It was just --
Jennie: But now we know these songs forever.
Stacey: Forever! Everybody was going on -- I was sitting in the corner going like this (mimes pressing a headphone to her ear to listen closely), trying to make sure that the cadence was right. It was pretty cool.
Jennie: And then we did No Diggity.
Myra: We did No Diggity!
Stacey: (sings) "I like to bag it up - baaag it up"
Myra: (sings!) "I like the way you work it - no diggity"
Linh: (sings) We need to get Myra a microphone.
Jennie: Oh ya, Myra can sing. She's being a dick and like, refusing to sing.
Myra: Because I like to play drums!
Jennie: We threaten -- when she's bad we're like, "We're gonna put a microphone on you and you're gonna have to do this!" (laughter)
Linh: No shit.
Stacey: We should give her one so she could at least talk with us. That would be fun.
Jennie: (laughs) Instead of just being held hostage back there.
Myra: I'll add vocals in the studio, no problem.
V: You know, Smelly from NOFX, he has a microphone, but it's not on the PA, just on the monitors for the other band members...
Jennie: (laughs)
Stacey: Yea, it's only to the guys! He's like, "I'm gonna go right now, you guys, I'm gonna play this right now!"
Jennie: That's smart!
Stacey: He's really smart to do that. And I have seen it many times.
V: I was so confused the first time I saw it. Like, Mike would just strike up a conversation with him that the audience couldn't follow, but he doesn't care.

Fat bands

Stacey: Mike is so funny. That's another band that's just full of characters as well, and that's why I think everybody will love them forever. No matter what they put out. And they put out some greeeat records. And great EPs.
V: Someone was saying on our message board, they could put out a locked grove record with just the Mel Yell and people would buy it.
Stacey: They would. Absolutely.
V: So, what's everybody's favorite Fat band: Go!
Jennie: Swingin' Utters! The first new vinyl record I ever bought was fuckin' Swingin' Utters - Juvenile Project of the Working Class. And it was a-ma-zing! I remember an accordion being played during that set, which I expected the next time I saw them - and they never did it again. But I did buy an accordion because of it.
Stacey: And she played one with me, the first time we ever played together. I played drums, she played accordion. We played an Alkaline Trio song.
Jennie: Yup. (laughter)
Stacey: So, what era? What era? I mean, there's a lot of bands that put records out through Fat. You know what I mean, like, Ryan from Off With Their Heads lives with me, he's my roommate, and he's put out records on Fat. There's a lot of bands that have done that, you know what I mean.
Myra: Well, mine used to be Lagwagon back in the day.
V: (jokingly, in a sad voice) Used to be? What happened?
Myra: Well, I still -- no, I'm sorry, I take that back, it's not that I'm not -- I've seen them back in the day, a long time ago. And they're still around, which is crazy!
Stacey: They've got some of the best musicians that are still playing - that have played in RKL, and The Other. And those were some bands that were fucking kiiiiller! So I've gotta say, I can't pick one band on Fat that I like best.
Myra: Yeah, everybody is great. Like, Against Me! is another one for me...
Jennie: I love Tilt! And they never get any fucking shout-outs. I'm in this band because of Tilt!
V: Tilt, wow, I only know like three of their songs.
Stacey: I still love Dance Hall Crashers. I remember going to see them play and --
Myra: (whispers) No Use For A Name
Stacey: (No Use For A Name, for sure, yea) -- going to see them [i.e. Dance Hall Crashers] play, and I was really young and I was fucking really frustrated because it wasn't me up there yet. And left in tears! Because I was like, "What the FUCK am I not -- WHEN, God, WHEN is it gonna be MY TIME?!" - No, just kidding... But yea, it finally worked. You want what you want, and then some day you're gonna get it if you keep the eye on the prize, yea?
Myra: Alright, so are we done with that one?
V: Linh, do you wanna weigh in? Favorite Fat band?
Linh: I have to give a lot of props to -- I'm sad they're not playing any more, but I really liked Cobra Skulls.
V: Cobra Skulls, yeah, their last record was awesome.
Linh: I know, it always made me happy when I listened to them. I liked their harmonies a lot.
Stacey: Lawrence Arms.
Linh: Lawrence Arms... I like Banner Pilot a lot. I got to meet them at Awesomefest last year and they're super nice guys.
Stacey: toyGuitar I have to say I really like a lot now. It's a new band. It's Jack from One Man Army, and it's Miles from a band that was called The Sore Thumbs from San Francisco that my old bands used to play with all the time. So, to see him get up there, too, makes me really, really stoked.
Jennie: The Soviettes, remember?
Stacey: The Soviettes were great.
Jennie: They were one of my favorite bands.
Stacey: I mean, and Get Dead - they're good friends of mine, but I also really truly love their music, so...
Myra: My new favorite is Masked Intruder.
Stacey: Masked Intruder!
Myra: Whose isn't, right?
Stacey: We all love them. Those guys are...
Jennie: They're cousins.
Stacey: They're our cousins.
Linh: Cousins? I'd say more like brothers.
Stacey: I'd say cousins because the live like half a country away from us.

V: Awesome, thank you so much!