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Jen Kirk-Carlson

Jen live with "Stacey Dee and Lil Jen", 2010, photo by "Santa Cruz Scott"

Jen Kirk-Carlson, born Jennifer Rebecca Kirk, also known as Lil Jen, was a founding member of Bad Cop/Bad Cop and played bass with them until June/ July 2012. She was replaced by Linh Le.

Personal Life

Jen is from Fremont, California. Her birthday is August 13th. She has been married to Dean Carlson (of the band Bordertown Saints) since 2006.


Jen plays drums, guitar, and bass.

She currently has a two-piece band called Young Bums (Facebook) with Charlene "Char Core" Pack, who has also played with Jen and Stacey Dee in The City (Facebook).

Together with Stacey she has been part of several other bands as well, including Angry Amputees (Facebook), Compton SF (Facebook), Blacktop Idol, and their acoustic duo of the name Stacey Dee and Lil Jen (Facebook),

Bad Cop/Bad Cop
Current band members: Stacey Dee (vox/guit) · Jennie Cotterill (vox/guit) · Myra Gallarza (drums) · Linh Le (bass/vox)
Former band member: Jen Kirk-Carlson (bass/vox)