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Linh Le

Linh live, March 2014, photo by "Hopeless Romantic"

Linh Le, also jokingly known as Rinh Re, is the current bass player in the Fat Wreck Chords band Bad Cop/Bad Cop. She joined the band in July of 2012, replacing Jen Kirk-Carlson.

Personal Life

Linh is from Rochester, New York. Her birthday is December 10th.


Besides Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Linh also plays in Vagrant Nation (Facebook), a folk punk band.

In The City (Facebook), a band formed by her BC/BC predecessor Jen Kirk-Carlson and BC/BC frontwoman Stacey Dee, she plays upright bass.

Other bands that she has played in include: Skinny Titties, Famous in Vegas, Atomic Mom, The Palominos, The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, and Dysphoria.

Bad Cop/Bad Cop
Current band members: Stacey Dee (vox/guit) · Jennie Cotterill (vox/guit) · Myra Gallarza (drums) · Linh Le (bass/vox)
Former band member: Jen Kirk-Carlson (bass/vox)