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Stacey live, March 2014, photo by "Hopeless Romantic"


Stacey Dee

Stacey Kelvin Dee is one of the two lead vocalists/ guitar players/ main songwriters in the Fat Wreck Chords band Bad Cop/Bad Cop (the other one being Jennie Cotterill).

Personal Life

Stacey grew up in the Mobile Home Park (now known as Pillar Ridge) in Moss Beach, California. Her birthday is September 22nd. She was married and lived in London, UK from 2005-2007. She has a dog and cats.


Stacey is/was a member of many different bands and has worked on several other musical projects. She plays solo acoustically as well. This is her official artist page on Facebook.

Stacey was a founding member of the San Francisco punk rock band Angry Amputees (Facebook), which is now inactive, but according to Stacey will "never die". She played guitar and sang. During the process of line-up changes, future Bad Cop/Bad Cop bandmate Jen Kirk-Carlson joined the Angry Amputees.

Jen and Stacey have worked an many different musical projects together. The simplest form being playing as an acoustic duo (Stacey Dee and Lil Jen on Facebook).

The two are founding and the only constant members of the punk rock band Compton SF (Facebook).

When Stacey lived in London, UK from 2005-2007, she was in a punk rock band called Park Royal with Lee and Loz of Snuff. They only ever played two shows and recorded a 9-track demo.

Another project of Jen's and Stacey's is a band called The City (Facebook), which started out as their acoustic duo, but changed their sound by adding drums, keyboards and an upright bass. Their bass player is Linh Le, who would later join Bad Cop/Bad Cop.

Stacey also played in Blacktop Idol with Jen and Jen's husband Dean.

In 2009, Stacey started collaborating with her life-long friend Noel "Deeskee" DeMello, first by dipping into the hip-hop genre with their short-lived quartet The Returners.

Then the two started making a genre mixing type of music under the name Knives and Gasoline (Facebook).


Stacey played the guitar player Vikki in the 2013 movie Speed Dragon (imdb).

Bad Cop/Bad Cop
Current band members: Stacey Dee (vox/guit) · Jennie Cotterill (vox/guit) · Myra Gallarza (drums) · Linh Le (bass/vox)
Former band member: Jen Kirk-Carlson (bass/vox)