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Not Sorry

Artist - Bad Cop/Bad Cop
Label - Fat Wreck Chords
Cat# - FAT943
Released - June 16, 2015
Tracks - 13
Length - 36:59
Producer(s) - Fat Mike
Lyrics - Click Here


Track Listing

  1. Nightmare (2:15) - lyrics
  2. Anti Love Song (2:19) - lyrics
  3. Here's To You (3:27) - lyrics
  4. Cheers (4:00) - lyrics
  5. Joey Lawrence (3:02) - lyrics
  6. Sugarcane (2:49) - lyrics
  7. I'm Alright (2:29) - lyrics
  8. Old Dogs (2:48) - lyrics
  9. Like, Seriously? (2:10) - lyrics
  10. Rip You To Shreds (2:09) - lyrics
  11. The 'Wood (3:20) - lyrics
  12. Firewater (3:26) - lyrics
  13. Support (2:40) - lyrics


  • In January 2012, after the Get Rad CD-R had been finished, Stacey already mentioned plans of recording a full-length: [We] are ready with enough songs to do a full length this year. These plans worked out differently: Instead, the band put out their two EPs in 2013 and 2014.
  • Status update from Stacey on full-length plans in an interview from February 2014: Mike [...] said, "[... Let's] start working on the full-length right away." [...] We're writing now. We've got a bunch of songs that we've written and that we just need to work out. The full-length is coming. [...] We'll be demoing throughout the summer and have shit nailed down.
  • In May 2014, it was clear that the work on the album would be interjected by their European tour, as mentioned by Stacey in another interview: We're going to work on the full length for a little bit and head over to Europe at the end of August and into early September. We'll come back and track the full length.
  • In July 2014, before leaving for Europe, BC/BC got a bit of recording done at Hurley Studios, with at least the song Old Dogs getting finished for the Fat Music For Fest People IV comp. (Status update from Davey Warsop on Instagram, July 6th, 2014: Recording a brand new @badcopbadcop song for @fat_wreck comp with boss lady Stacey dee! @staceysrad #fatwreckchords #badcopbadcop #hurleyrecordings.) Over three weeks later, on July 29th, the band posted an Instagram update as well: So it begins...recording our 1st full length w/the Master @daveyboywarsop 🔊🎶 👯 👯 #badcopbadcop #daveywarsop #hurleyrecordings
  • While in Europe in September 2014, the band gave this status update in an interview. Stacey: We're working on that right now. And we're working with Fat Mike on the songs that we're picking (...) And we're still writing, too. [...] We should have it out probably by next spring. // Jennie: We're hoping to get to work on it when we get home. // Stacey: Then we're gonna work with [Fat Mike] on some pre-production of the songs that we sent that he really really liked, which -- He did say that he liked a lot, you know, more than half of them.
  • In early December, the final recording process took place at Hurley Studios. The band started posting regular updates on Instagram on December 2nd, finally announcing on December 15th: And we are DONE recording our 1st full length album! 🎉 Many Thanks to @daveyboywarsop the magician for being the best producer/engineer us girls could have. #hurleyrecordings #fatwreck #badcopbadcop
  • In January 2015, Stacey revealed that the record would be called Not Sorry, and that dismissed former title ideas included Bloodmoon and Lifetime Original Movie.
  • An acoustic session published on March 25th previewed three songs that would later be revealed to be part of the album's final tracklist: The old live classic Cheers! as well as the two new songs Nightmare and Like, Seriously?. Electric live versions of the latter two were also posted to the band's YouTube channel shortly thereafter, serving as preview of the upcoming new album as well.
  • Originally scheduled for June 2nd, 2015 (as announced in this interview from March), the date got pushed back to June 16th, as first mentioned on Facebook by the band.
  • Two months before the release date, on April 16th, officially announced the album details, including the tracklist and cover artwork by Jennie.
  • On April 24th, Fat announced that the album version of Nightmare would appear on the Greetings From Groezrock compilation, out May 1st. This compilation of tracks was also released under the title Greetings From Punk Rock Bowling later that month. BC/BC's contribution was the only previously unreleased track on this record.
  • To promote the pre-order for Not Sorry, which went live on May 12th, featured a stream of Nightmare - the first non-vinyl preview of an album track.
  • The second official preview song was Sugarcane, which premiered on Dying Scene starting June 6th.

Vinyl Pressing

Format: 12" LP, 33 RPM

Pressings: 1

1st Pressing

Label: Fat Wreck Chords FAT943

Matrix A Side:

Matrix B Side:


  • Black - Limited to ? (still available)
  • Other color - Limited to ? ()

Compact Disc

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On this release, Bad Cop/Bad Cop are: