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Song Name - Cheers
Artist - Bad Cop/Bad Cop
Album(s) - Not Sorry (2015)

Run Time - 4:00
Lyrics - Click Here
Tabs - Click Here



  • Song is also known as Cheers, Motherfucker!
  • Over the breakdown before the final chorus, the band usually says thank you and good night at live shows. Stacey's "early in the morning when I wake up..." in the studio version might be a reference to a traditional folk canon / vocal exercise that starts with the same words.
  • Please edit and add info if you know the origin of the audio sample repeatedly used in this song.
  • On April 16th, it was officially announced that a recorded version would appear on the debut full-length Not Sorry, but this song had already been played at shows since at least 2013 (probably longer), with a live clip being available in the band's official YouTube channel as well.


  • This section will be edited once songwriter credits are published.


Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Not Sorry

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