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Song Name - Nightmare
Artist - Bad Cop/Bad Cop
Album(s) - Greetings From Groezrock/Punk Rock Bowling (compilation) (2015)

- Not Sorry (2015)

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- Fat Music Vol. 8: Going Nowhere Fat (compilation) (2015)

Run Time - 2:15
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  • Jennie about this song: ’Nightmare’ is an offering to my *extremely* chill dude. He is slow-moving, easygoing, laid back, supportive, hilarious and is the perfect complement to my intense, opinionated, outspoken, high-frequency vibration. Everybody is an insufferable asshole in their own, unique way—and finding someone that can not only accept and tolerate but *appreciate* you is huge. ‘Nightmare’ is a thank you.
  • History:
    • An acoustic version from a session in Las Vegas, NV premiered on on March 25, 2015.
    • Two days later, the band posted an electric live version to their official YouTube channel.
    • On April 16th, it was announced this song would be part of the debut full-length Not Sorry.
    • A preview of the album version first became available on the 10" vinyl compilation Greetings From Groezrock (May 1st) aka Greetings From Punk Rock Bowling.
    • Serving as the official first preview single for Not Sorry, Nightmare debuted digitally via on May 12th.


  • This section will be edited once songwriter credits are published. (Jennie sings lead vocals which could indicate that she is the main songwriter, or at least lyricist.)


Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Not Sorry

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