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Song Name - Sugarcane
Artist - Bad Cop/Bad Cop
Album(s) - Not Sorry (2015)

Run Time - 2:49
Lyrics - Click Here
Tabs - Click Here



  • Stacey about this song's meaning: "[Sugarcane] is about women that are abused by their man. And it's a true story about my roommate that came home with two black eyes and a busted lip that looked like a cracked lobster. I was taking care of it and stuff. And then she kept going back to him, and I was like, "At this point, you're an asshole, too." So this song was, like, to help women that are in that position to know that [...] they can change anything they want to change. And get out of it." (Go to interview page to read more!)
  • This song has been played live since summer 2014.
  • It served as second preview song for the debut album Not Sorry.


  • This section will be edited once songwriter credits are published. (Since this is based on a true experience from Stacey's life, it is safe to assume that she is the main songwriter, or at least lyricist.)


Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Not Sorry

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