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Fat Mike and Bruiser

Real Name: Bruiser

Date Of Birth: Unknown

Date Of Death: Nov-14-2014

Misc: Bruiser is Fat Mike's dog and the official mascot of Fat Wreck Chords. She has posed in pictures with several of the bands from Fat Wreck Chords and her face is on the cover of NOFX's 13 Stitches EP.

On November 18th, 2014, Fat Wreck Chords announced that Bruiser had passed away in the following statement:


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the loss of a beloved member of the Fat Wreck family. On Friday our office dog and official Fat mascot, Bruiser, passed away. You may know her from the cover of NOFX’s 13 Stitches 7" or from pictures with bands on our site. We knew her as a loving, playful member of the office who was always a welcome distraction from work. We’ll miss her cute little face trotting around our desks, her penchant for always making a bed out of yet to be delivered Fat Wreck t-shirts (if you’ve ever found dog hair on a shirt you bought from us, now you know why), her unwavering protection from each and every deliveryman, and, most of all, her loving spirit. Bruiser, we love you, and we know you’ve gone on to join Joey, GG and Darby in the punk rock beyond.