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40oz. Sidekicks

  • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
  • Years Active: 2008- Present


  • The Preservation of Tradition LP - upcoming, May, 2009


  • Adrian Ortiz - Bass and Vocals
  • Justin Tauch - Guitar and Vocals
  • Past Drummer- Kain
  • Future Drummer - Andy

40oz. Sidekicks: March 24th 2009

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Listen to "Traitors" from...a random recording... : (I think I need to find a better MP3 hosting site, this one's fucking slooowww, just check out their Myspace page if it takes over 10 seconds)

About the Band

Born in Chicago, 40oz.Sidekicks started out as two friends (Adrian Ortiz and Justin Tauch) creating music with a mutual understanding of what they were both passionate about. They both enjoyed the same type of music and knew exactly what kind of music they wanted to create. They felt it was necessary to preserve the traditional and righteous form of music that had been created by those who had influenced them. Together they saw through the current music trends, and chose the harder and faster path. (thats what she said). However, their true never ending battle is finding a solid percussionist.

Above everything else, 40oz.Sidekicks are dedicated to being real.

"if we all go down we are going down together".

Interview with Justin

1) What's each member your band's favourite Fat album?
- My favourite fat album is Against Me!'s "as the Eternal Cowboy", Adrian's favourite record is NOFX's "the decline"

2) Why hasn't construction of the Chicago Spire begun yet?
- The Chicago spire is just a figment of your imagination, at least during a recession. plus we just got the trump tower and we are trying to get the Olympics.

3) Which classical composer has influenced your band the most and why?

- Beethoven and Fat Mike.

4) Who is the least talented member of your band and why the fuck haven't they been kicked out yet?
- Justin is the least talented and we tried to kick him out but he keeps showing up to practice. it sucks dude we practice in this basement of this house and everyone hates us.

Pictures of 40oz. Sidekicks

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