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The Catastrophe

  • Hometown: Belle Vernon, Pennsylavnia
  • Years Active: 2008 - Present


  • a "4 song demo"


  • Aaron Horrell - Guitar, Vocals
  • Paul Menotiades - Backup Vocals and Guitar
  • Lou Swidowski - Backup Vocals and Guitar
  • Dane Weir - Backup Vocals and Bass
  • PJ Caruso - Drums

The Catastrophe: June 7th 2009

  • check them out:

Myspace Page: [1]

Wow, this is cool, The Catastrophe have recently recorded two new songs and decided that they would introduce them to the world through Fat Wreck Whores. I'm really excited about this, they both sound amazing:

1) Emotional Debris:
2) Not This Time:

About the Band

The Catastrophe are 5 friends who like playing the punk rock music together. We have all been in bands before or are still in other bands. Trying to “make it” in music can suck pretty badly sometimes, even to the point where you completely forget why you started playing music in the first place. This is where The Catastrophe steps in… "we just want to make some cool music and have fun playing some shows". If you like us, you like us. If you don’t, you don’t. Either way we are going keep playing as long and as loudly as we want.

Interview with Lou

1) What's the simplified version of (4x2 + 3x - 8) - (3x + 7x2 - 2)?
- - 3x2 - 6

2) How often do you guys play shows? How far have you toured?
- We try to play out a few times a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. We've never toured as a band yet, but we played a show in West Virgina once. I've never seen so many beastly women!

3) Thoughts on the Pittsburgh Penguins?
- Play the man not the puck! I don't want to say anything... I might jinx em.

4) The Catastrophe is the world's worst...
- Well you see, the thing is, were good at everything we do. We are in fact vertically challenged though. With our tallest member @ 5.9" and shortest @ 5.4". So were not very good at being tall!

Pictures of The Catastrophe

Again, Check them out:

  • Myspace Page: [2]

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