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Your Inner Durden

  • Hometown: Germay
  • Years Active: ?


  • Every Day is a Holiday (2010)


  • Basti - Drums
  • Jan - Guitar/Backupvocals
  • Arno - Vocals
  • Andreas - Guitar
  • Jürgen - Bass

Your Inner Durden: May 23rd 2010

  • check them out:

Myspace Page: [1] Facebook: [2]

1) Great Expectations (featuring GFS):
2) Never Paid my Dues (featuring Jed):

Also, check out their e-card (Here you can listen to all their songs):

About the Band

There are a lot of things that could be said about Your Inner Durden, like "innovative with a fresh sound," "reinventing the wheel with music," and "far away from typical genres…” Seems like a good read, but would be total BS. Your Inner Durden are five guys with their hearts in the right place and a love for the music of their younger years. Surely there are many bands that know how to handle their instruments better, but do they have as much fun doing so? I can’t tell. What I can tell is that Your Inner Durden plays punk rock without compromises – no gimmicks, no funny coloured homepages and no fuckin’ way that anything is gonna change that. There’s no money to be made in the music business nowadays, so why not just make music with your heart and soul and real enthusiasm? Singing along, dancing and leaving the necessities of the daily grind behind 'cause EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY with YOUR INNER DURDEN.

Interview with Jan

1) How do you say your band name in German? And why is it in English?
- In german it would be "Dein innerer Durden" which is very similar cause Durden is a name. I never actually thought about why it is in english - propably cause we don't really wanna be "that band from germany" and it just fits cause our lyrics are in english.

2) How long have you guys been together?
- Basically we've been together in this formation for about 2 1/2 years now i guess. a part of the band has been doing this for longer in a different setup but we never tried to accomplish anything or play gigs. we started that not even a year ago and recorded our debut album since then.

3) Explain how Los Lobos inspired your music:
- come on, who hasn't ever played la bamba on guitar (or guitar hero at least). or are you talking about the island? they inspired us to become 5 guys in a band. we were four and then we said "los lobos" are five guys, we need to get a fifth member. actually? no

4) Give me a short term and a long term goal for your band.
- Short term: on a short term we want people to listen to our debut album EVERY DAY is a HOLIDAY (nice advertising plug.. more to come) and like it, play lots of cool shows with other bands and just have fun. we spend some time recording it all DIY, putting it all together and it's 15 songs so that was a lot of work and now we are in it for the fun part.

Long term: if we even had a long term goal it would be being in this band for a few decades. we were totally inspired by Los Lobos. our long term goals are basically the same as our short term goals. and we have an average age of 30 in the band so what's to achieve being in a punk band? best case scenario is playing shows with a few of the bands we admire and having people really listen to our music and have them be craving for the next thing we put out every time.

Again, Check them out:

  • Facebook: [3]
  • Myspace Page: [4]

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