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Home of the Second Oldest Profession



The Brothel of Wreck Whores Bands

- Your Inner Durden

- The Catastrophe

- The Definitive Measure

- 40oz. Sidekicks

- Local Resident Failure

- Midget Fan Club


What is Fat Wreck Whores?

Fat Wreck Whores is a band-of-the-month type deal where we pick an independent band and feature them on our website. This will hopefully help these bands gain a following through people that will most likely enjoy them. And who knows, maybe even Fat Wreck Chords will check this section too.

We will host a few pictures of your band, an mp3, and either an interview or a review of submitted material. Or maybe both. But only if you are really good.

Will Fat Wreck Chords actually hear my band?

Yes*. We guarantee it**. And you will also immediately be signed***.

* Results not typical.
** Not guaranteed
*** Total lie.

How can my band be a Fat Wreck Whore?

If you want to have your band considered for the Fat Wreck Whores section please send an email with a myspace link to whores @ fatwreckwiki. We will respond to all entrants, and those who are picked will be asked to submit something for review or schedule an interview with us asap (an address will be provided to you - provide either a link to a download or mail a physical cd) and we'll let you know as soon as your review/interview goes live on the site.

Is there anything else I should know?

Almost assuredly, and now this template is here when we think of it!