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Hometown: San Diego, CA
Latest Release: Road Rage
Status: Inactive
Years active 1992-2000
Current Label: Honest Don's
Associated Bands:
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Vocals, Guitar O
Bass Josh Higgins
Drums Miles Gillett
Former Members
Bass Jonny Donhowe

Welcome to the Fluf Wiki!

O (Otis Barthoulameu - vocals, guitar) and Jonny Donhowe (bass guitar) formed the band after their previous band, Olivelawn, split up, recruiting drummer Miles Gillett.

After several seven-inch singles, the band's debut album was released in 1993. Generally known as Mangravy, each physical format had a different title. A second album followed in 1994 (Home Improvements, also released on vinyl as Whitey on the Moon and on cassette as Stocking the Lake With Brown Trout).

In 1996 Donhowe left, to be replaced by Josh Higgins.This line-up recorded their major label () debut Waikiki for MCA (1997) and Road Rage (1998) for Honest Don's, with a final album-length EP, I Know I'm Nobody released before disbandoning in 2000.

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