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The To Do List for the Wiki

Perpetual To-Dos

  • When adding a new record in a discography
    • Check you are in the correct namespace! otherwise it will get posted to the main discography pages.
    • Upload pictures using sensible naming conventions, ideally short consistent abbreviations like PUTV-Blue-A.jpg for the Pump up the Valium on Blue vinyl A side picture for example.
    • Ideally copy source code from here
    • If you copy from an existing page, make sure you use the latest Album Header and include links to the label site.
    • Ideally include some trivia or background info for the release

The Latest Stuff We Need To Do

  • Create basic wiki pages (about the site, etc)
  • Check which pages are missing images and add [[Category:Missing Image]] tag to the page, or check the Missing Image page to add images.
  • Make forwarding links for doubled up bio pages (Fat Mike on Gimmes should forward to NOFX bio page)
  • Make forwarding links for doubled up disco pages (Sly and Caper projects)
  • Create pages with history on FAT and it's sub labels
  • Update band vitals with the latest Band Vitals template for a cleaner look Complete as of Jan 2014 --Captain 15:44, 18 February 2014 (PST)
  • Some Band Pages still need new skins and other subpages creating, if you want to check what projects are still outstanding, see the Band Pages Status list
  • Check the To be deleted page to delete obsolete pages or files.
  • Add basic content and "Main_Page" information for a variety of bands.
  • Delete the News headers and edit outdated news items so that each band has a current page.
  • Add Trivia and Info to disco pages
  • Move the Bandtemplate category on all the Template Pages within the </noinclude> tags.
  • Update this to do list once in a while