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El Hefe, Tokyo 2001

Real name: Aaron Abeyta


In a 2006 interview, Fat Mike addresses how El Hefe came to become part of Nofx.

  • Todd: Let me know if I have this correctly. You met El Hefe because he was a drug dealer?
  • Mike: No. He was in a band called The Mark Curry Band and Mark Curry is a Dogpatch Wino. El Hefe and our drummer, Eric, lived in the same junkie house on Fountain, where it was eight dudes living in a two-bedroom house and no one had any money. Hefe didn’t do drugs, but they were all just drunks who lived there. When we needed a guitar player, he asked for a tryout. We all thought he was super funny: this Mexican with a pompadour wanted to try out for us. But, he could play it.
  • Todd: Didn’t he get arrested, though? Didn’t the cops find drugs in his trunk?
  • Mike: Yeah. He got arrested for counterfeiting money. He was facing a twenty year minimum, but he got busted because he was buying pot and they opened his trunk and they had no probable cause to open his trunk, since he was a buyer. They found the counterfeit money in his trunk and thousands in regular bills because they just got done walking up and down Haight Street in San Francisco. When the lawyer came in, he goes, “Yeah, you’re facing a twenty year minimum.” And he did that to finance his other band, Crystal Sphere, to put out their first 7”.


  • Plays in Manic Hispanic's song Gilligan's Island from the compilation Show and Tell
  • has a child from a previous marriage
  • Used to own a night club called Hefe's in Eureka, CA
  • Was in a band called Crystal Spere with Mark Curry
  • Played guitar on a Mark Curry album in 1992
  • Has a myspace account
  • Is now married to "Jen".