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Fat Mike, Tokyo 2001

Real name: Mike Burkett

Date of birth: January 16th (sometimes mis-represented as 31st), 1967 in Boston.


  • Fatty
  • Mike Rakhabit
  • Mike Roskope
  • Mike Rabsitch
  • Pills
  • Fat Bastard
  • Fat Guy In A Tub
  • Cokie the Clown


  • Coined the term Nawesome
  • Suggests "Idiot!" instead of "Bless you" for sneezes.
  • Had his nickname since college days when he kept getting fatter
  • Started out in a band called False Alarm as Misfit Mike
  • Owns Fat Wreck Chords, Honest Don's and Pink & Black Records
  • Publishes the magazine Punk Rock Confidential
  • Runs the Punk Voter website
  • Went to college majoring in Political Science and minoring in Human Sexuality
  • Writes almost all the music and lyrics for NOFX, even for the trumpet
  • Sings on Screeching Weasel's song Peter Brady from their album Anthem For A New Tomorrow
  • Sings on the Randy song Beware
  • Sings on Lagwagon's song Lazy from their album Trashed, and the song Mr. Coffee from their album Duh
  • Plays bass on Swingin' Utters song Unpopular Again from their album Five Lessons Learned
  • Plays bass in Me First and the Gimme Gimmes with Spike Slawson (vocals, bassist from Swingin' Utters), Chris Shiflett (a.k.a. Jake Jackson, guitar, No Use For A Name, Foo Fighters), Dave Raun (drums, RKL, Lagwagon), Joey Cape (guitar, Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut)
  • Plays guitar on a Bracket album, When all Else Fails song #3, No Brainer on Fat Wreck Chords (#607)
  • Mike and Erin changed their names a few years ago from "Burkett" to "Dagger"
  • Has one child, a daughter, named Lila Vodka Dagger (if we are to believe what he says in his interviews)
  • His greatest fear in life is "being tied to a bed when an earthquake hits".