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7 Inch Of The Month Club

Label - Fat Wreck Chords
Cat# - 213 - 224
Released - Feb-2005 to Jan-2006
Tracks - 26
Length - 55:13
Producer(s) - Adam Krammer
Lyrics - Click Here



  1. February 2005
  2. March 2005
  3. April 2005
  4. May 2005
  5. June 2005
  6. July 2005
  7. August 2005
  8. September 2005
  9. October 2005
  10. November 2005
  11. December 2005
  12. January 2006


  1. Insulted By Germans (Again)
  2. Fan Mail
  3. Arming The Proletariat With Potato Guns
  4. I Am Going To Hell For This One
  5. There's No Fun In Fundamentalism
  6. Fungus
  7. I Am A Huge Fan Of Bad Religion
  8. Jamaica's Alright If You Like Homophobes
  9. No Way
  10. Getting High On The Down Low
  11. You're Wrong
  12. Leaving Jesusland
  13. Benny Got Blowed Up
  14. Teenage Punching Bag
  15. One Way Ticket To Fuckneckville
  16. Your Hubcaps Cost More Than My Car
  17. What Now Herb?
  18. California Über Alice
  19. All My Friends In New York
  20. I, Melvin
  21. You Will Lose Faith
  22. Last Night Was Really Fun?
  23. Cool And Unusual Punishment
  24. Civil Defense
  25. Golden Boys
  26. The Man I Killed

The Club

The 7" of the Month Club was something like Fat Wreck Chord's Fat Club, except with exclusively NOFX singles. For US$60 (US$80 overseas) you received one 7" record each month, from February 2005 through January 2006. There are 2-3 tracks on each record. Early in May 2006, Fat Wreck put some leftover sets on sale for $80. They sold out in less than a week.

The first 3 000 members got coloured vinyl. Since there were not enough members to make pressing black vinyl worthwhile these are limited to 3 000 copies each and are only available on coloured vinyl. The 3 000th member joined in September 2005, 7 months after the club started.

After a while, Fat decided to repress the club on black wax, which would be sold in stores / distros to anyone. Every single record was supposed to be repressed on BLACK wax only, but the pressing plant messed up. The represses are also supposedly more limited than the original club. See the represses section below for more information.

The cover art for each record was sent in by fans. Fat chose between a lot of submissions and each winner got a free subscription to the club. Each insert show a few more submissions that were rejected, with credits to the artists.

The Joke

#01-a A punk, a rabbi, and a republican walk into a bar...
#01-b They seat themselves as far away from one another as possible...

#02-a The bartender asks the punk for his order, "One shot of whiskey"
#02-b The bartender smiles and says. "One shot of whiskey coming right up"

#03-a As the bartender walks back to the bar, the rabbi begins to chant a prayer...
#03-b The punk rolls his eyes and mutters under his breath. "Shut up old man"...

#04-a The bartender says "You can't speak to my customers that way"...
#04-b The punk downs his whiskey and says, "Sorry but the rabbi's a fuckin' douche bag"...

#05-a The republican says to the bartender, "Get that asshole outta here!"...
#05-b The punk hears this and says, "I may be an asshole but at least I'm not a douche bag"...

#06-a The bartender turns to the republican and tells him "You're the asshole"...
#06-b Then the bartender and the punk beat the shit out of the republican.

#07-a Then they kick the republican out of the bar...
#07-b The Rabbi then asks, why did you kick that man out of the bar?

#08-a The punk replies "cuz he's a republican you fuckin' douche bag!"
#08-b The bartender slams a bottle to the bar and says...

#09-a "I told you that you must respect my customers."
#09-b The punk replies, "I do respect your customers."

#10-a "...I'm just saying the rabbi was a douchebag"
#10-b "Ok youre out of here" says the bartender as he kicks the punk.

#11-a The bartender apologizes to the rabbi and says...
#11-b "Let me get you a drink on the house. What'll you have?"

#12-a "The rabbi replies 'well, I'll have a vinegar and water'"
#12-b Blank

The Puzzle

Artwork by Tony Guaraldi

In pieces:

All together:


The Labels

When the first 7" Of The Month Club showed up in January 2005, we at NOFX Wiki immediately noticed that the a-side had variations. Through the whole club, we noticed there were a total of 7 different label variations, but each record has 4 of them, probably chosen randomly. The same thing occurs for all the represses.

Label Variations
# Background Text Logo Side of #
1. Black White White Left
2. Black White White Right
3. Black White Blue Right
4. Black White / Blue White Right
5. Blue Black / White Black Right
6. Blue Black / White Black Left
7. Blue White Black Left

The Records

Format: 7" EP, 33 or 45 rpm

Pressings: 2 or 3

Colors: Various, Black

Original Pressing


Copies: 3000

Misc: These were the ones sold with the club only. They were never available in stores.





Copies: Unknown


  • ALL represses were meant to be on BLACK.
  • Some records were repressed on color by accident, then repressed again on black.
  • Most of the represses on color are different from the original color.
  • Some copies that were identical to the originals floated around; we believe they might be leftovers from the original club that got distributed with the represses. (See *)
  • There are two known mispresses, for #05 and #09




  • the baby blue #9 repress has all four versions of #8 labels
  • the white #5 has two different #11 labels

Image:SOTM Mispresses.jpg

Pressing Numbers

7" Club #1 FAT213

  • Release Date: February 01, 2005
  • 3150 On Yellow Vinyl (Club Only- No Longer Available)
  • 2100 On Black Vinyl (No Longer Available)

7" Club #2 FAT214

  • Release Date: March 01, 2005
  • 3190 On Orange Vinyl (Club Only – No Longer Available)
  • 2205 On Black Vinyl (No Longer Available)

7" Club #3 FAT215

  • Release Date: April 01, 2005
  • 3300 On Tan Vinyl (Club Only – No Longer Available)
  • 550 On Black Vinyl (No Longer Available)

7" Club #4 FAT216

  • Release Date: May 01, 2005
  • 3299 On Clear Green Vinyl (Club Only- No Longer Available)
  • 4456 On Solid Green and Black Vinyl (Available)

7" Club #5 FAT217

  • Release Date: June 01, 2005
  • 3150 On White Vinyl (Club Only – No Longer Available)
  • 1100 White (No Longer Available)

7" Club #6 FAT218

  • Release Date: July 01, 2005
  • 3304 On Clear Vinyl (Club Only – No Longer Available)

7" Club #7 FAT219

  • Release Date: August 01, 2005
  • 3300 On Red Vinyl (Club Only – No Longer Available)
  • 1100 Pinkish-Red (No Longer Available)

7" Club #8 FAT220

  • Release Date: September 01, 2005
  • 3200 On Black Vinyl (Club Only – No Longer Available)
  • 3150 On Black Vinyl

7" Club #9 FAT221

  • Release Date: October 01, 2005
  • 3150 On Blue Vinyl (Club Only – No Longer Available)
  • 3300 On Light Blue Vinyl

7" Club #10 FAT222

  • Release Date: November 01, 2005
  • 3298 On Red Vinyl (Club Only – No Longer Available)
  • 2199 On Black Vinyl (No Longer Available)

7" Club #11 FAT223

  • Release Date: December 01, 2005
  • 3262 On Grey Vinyl (Club Only – No Longer Available)
  • 500 On Black Vinyl (No Longer Available)

7" Club #12 FAT224

  • Release Date: January 01, 2006
  • 3115 On Picture Disc (Club Only – No Longer Available)
  • 975 On Black Vinyl (No Longer Available)


On this release, NOFX are