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BYO Split Series III

Artist - NOFX Rancid
Label - BYO Records
Cat# - BYO 079
Released - Mar-05-2002
Tracks - 12
Length - 26:38
Lyrics - Click Here


Misc: This album is a split between NOFX and Rancid, where NOFX play six songs released by Rancid and vice versa.

Track Listing

NOFX Tracks

  1. I'm The One
  2. Olympia, WA
  3. Tenderloin
  4. Antennaes
  5. Corozon de Oro
  6. Radio

Rancid Tracks

  1. Moron Bros
  2. Stickin In My Eye
  3. Bob
  4. Don't Call Me White
  5. Brews
  6. Vanilla Sex

Liner Notes

So I'm in Ithica, New York at a Keg party in the summer of 88', and this kid says that I gotta hear this Operation Ivy 7". I say whatever, and he puts it on. It sounded weird and not very good, then this kid turns the record player from 33 to 45 and starts it over. "Yelling In My Ear" came on and it was about the best song I ever heard. A couple of months later, I was at Ruthies Inn in Berkeley seeing Op Ivy play. I had never seen them before. They sounded weird and not very good, but it was an awesome show. I introduced myself to Lint after the show. He was wasted and slurred at me that I had just witnessed the worst Op Ivy show ever. I told him I would come to the next and decide for myself.

So I'm in Maui at a fish taco stand talking to Shawn and Mark Stern about how the surf was too big, and they ask me if I wanna do a split record on their label, BYO. I said yeah, but I kinda meant not really. They suggested we do the split with Lag Wagon or Pennywise, I told them that we were too similar to those bands and that it would make a boring record. So they said, 'Why don't you think of a fucking band then though guy. I told them politely that I would think about it and get back to them.

So I saw Op Ivy a bunch more, and Lint was right, that first show was the worst, but then they broke up. Bummer. Then Lint calls me one day and tells me I should check out his new band that he started with Matt called Generator. So I go to their rehearsal and they were like hardcore or something. But this doesn't matter, cuz they broke up real quick and started Rancid.

So back on the mainland, I tell the Stern Brothers, how about Rancid? If you guys can get Rancid to do the split, then I'll do it. I was really thinking, they'll never get Rancid to do it, and I won't have to do this stupid thing. Then they call me and tell me that Rancid said they would do it. Shit... I tell myself. Cool... I tell the Sterns. Then they say that Tim (who used to be known as Lint) thinks that it would be cool if we covered each others song. Hey, this sounded pretty cool. I hadn't tought of that. This whole thing was starting to sound bitchin. I ask them if this meant that I had to play all of Matt's bass riffs and they told me I could do whatever the fuck I wanted to. So I tell myself.. cool, and I tell the Sterns cool.


Rancid recorded at Weastbeach. Produced by Rancid. Engineered + mixed by Dave Carlock As. engineer - Chris Gresham Lars Frederiksen - guitar + vocals Tim Armstrong - guitar + vocals Matt Freeman - bass + vocals Brett Reed - drums Lars sings "Stickin In My Eye" + "Brews" Tim sings "Moronbros", "Bob" Matt sings "Don't Call me White" Thanks to Machete and everyone else.

NOFX recorded and mixed at Motor Studios Ryan Greene told us what to do and turned a bunch of knobs. Adam Krammer did some of that too, but we told him what to do. Chuck from the Mad Caddies helped with back up vocals, and Sasha from Î played guitar on Radio, and the infamous Ronnie King played the hammond. We drank a bunch of wine together. Eddie Schreyer mastered it and finally got rid of the mullet. Thanx dude. NOFX is: Fat Mike, El Jefe, Smelly, Melvin

cover design - tim armstrong + kristin vanderlip layout + design - kristin vanderlip


Format: 12" LP, 33RPM

Pressings: Unknown?

  • Black and orange vinyl were available first, would that note first pressing?
  • Green vinyl came out later, but BYO always said they would sell green vinyl once orange was sold out. Did they already have them, making it part of the first pressing, or did they press it later, when orange was sold out or almost sold out, making it a second pressing?

Matrix Rancid side: BYO-079-R

Matrix NOFX side: BYO-079-N

Black Vinyl

Still Available (green sleeve) / No Longer Available (orange sleeve)

Colour: Black

Copies: Unknown number


  • Comes in 2 different colour sleeves, green and orange
  • Orange sleeve has Rancid tracks listed first
  • Green sleeve has NOFX tracks listed first
  • Insert is out of print since June 2008, BYO sends the record out without any inserts since then

Price: US$ 8.00

Green Vinyl

No Longer Available

Colour: Clear Green

Copies: 500


  • Green copies came with the green jacket only
  • Green copies sold out in the first half of 2008, three years after the original release date

Average Price: $42.00-52.00 USD

Highest Price: $83.00 USD, April 25th 2006

Orange Vinyl

No Longer Available

Colour: Clear Orange

Copies: 500


  • Orange copies came with the orange jacket only

Average Price: $55.00-75.00 USD

Highest Price: 130 USD

Compact Disc

Still Available

Released: Jan 2005

Format: CD


Pressings: 1

  • Green cover: NOFX songs come first
  • Orange cover: Rancid songs come first

Copies: Unknown

Price: US$ 11