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They´ve Actually Gotten Worse Live

Artist - NOFX
Label - Fat Wreck Chords
Cat# - FAT722
Released - Nov-20-2007
Tracks - 24
Length - 59:01
Lyrics - Click Here



  1. Intro/Glass War
  2. You're Wrong
  3. Franco Un-American
  4. Scavenger Type
  5. What's the Matter with Parents Today?
  6. The Longest Line
  7. New Happy Birthday Song?
  8. Eat The Meek
  9. Murder The Government
  10. Monosyllabic Girl
  11. I'm Telling Tim
  12. See Her Pee
  13. Can't Get The Stink Out
  14. Instant Crassic
  15. I Wanna Be An Alcoholic
  16. Fuck The Kids
  17. Juice Head
  18. What Now My Love?
  19. Lori Meyers
  20. We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum
  21. I, Melvin
  22. Green Corn
  23. Whoops, I OD'd
  24. Stickin' In My Eye


Test Press

Copies: Unknown

Price: US$xxxx

Misc: Wed Dec 09, 2009: Phillip Hill, leader of the Teen Idols (and former members of the Queers, Common Rider, and Screeching Weasel) was attacked by 4 men when he tried to step in to help a young woman in distress early Saturday morning. He suffered 4 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and was left with countless glass shards embedded into one side of his face. Phillip saw the young woman being accosted by the 4 men, and tried to intervene - but they then turned on him, pushed him to the ground, kicked him repeatedly, and struck him in the face with a rearview mirror ripped from Phillip's own car. They then left him lying in the parking lot seriously injured. He has no medical insurance, so a benefit fund has been set up through Paypal. All willing and able to help, please send donations via Paypal to:

First Pressing


Format: 12" 2xLP, 33 RPM

Colour: Unknown

Copies: Unknown number

Matrix A Side: ...

Matrix B Side: ...

Misc: A CD version of the album is inserted in every vinyl copy sold.

Black Vinyl


Copies: Unknown

Price: US$12.00

Buy It:

Fat Wreck Chords

Colored Vinyl


Color: Multi-Colored Vinyl

Copies: 521

Average Price: $40 - $55

Misc:The colored record sold out in about 7.5 hours!

Compact Disc


Format: CD

Copies: Unknown number

Price: US$10.00

Buy It:

Fat Wreck Chords


On this release, NOFX are