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To show the Studios in which a record has been mixed or produced, by record.

This is a collaboration page related to Pat's Request for help with the Motor Studios Project. The aim is to have anyone who contributes enter the info in the list below. Whoever enters most gets a price*.

Thanks for helping out!

*not really

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Fat Wreck Chords

FAT Wreck Chords Studio Log
# Format Band Title Studio Other
BOXSET ONLY 7" Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Bob
FAT201 7" The Real Mckenzies Fat Club
FAT202 7" American Steel Fat Club
FAT203 7" Strike Anywhere Fat Club
FAT204 7" Randy Fat Club
FAT205 7" The Vandals Fat Club
FAT206 7" Enemy You Fat Club
FAT207 7" Swingin' Utters Fat Club
FAT208 7" Mxpx Fat Club
FAT209 7" NOFX Fat Club
FAT210 7" Strung Out Fat Club
FAT211 7" The Lawrence Arms Fat Club
FAT212 7" One Man Army Fat Club
FAT213 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #1 Motor Studios
FAT214 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #2 Motor Studios
FAT215 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #3 Motor Studios
FAT216 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #4 Motor Studios
FAT217 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #5 Motor Studios
FAT218 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #6 Motor Studios
FAT219 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #7 Motor Studios
FAT220 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #8 Motor Studios
FAT221 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #9 Motor Studios
FAT222 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #10 Motor Studios
FAT223 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #11 Motor Studios
FAT224 7" NOFX 7 Inch of the Month Club #12 Motor Studios
FAT225 7" The Soviettes Roller Girls
FAT226 7" Citizen Fish & Leftöver Crack Baby Punchers / Meltdown Split 7" CF-State Of Art

LOC-Atomic Studios

FAT227 7" Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Dolly Motor Studios
FAT228 7" Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Cash Motor Studios
FAT229 7" Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Willie Motor Studios
FAT230 7" Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Kenny Motor Studios
FAT231 7" Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Jerry Motor Studios
FAT232 7" Bullet Treatment Designated, Vol. 1 Music - Basement Records

Track 2 Vocals Motor Studios

Riding Around On The Bus Vocals Motor Studios recorded by Jamie McMann
FAT233 7" NOFX I've Become a Cliché / The Quitter (Demo)
FAT234 7" Rise Against Self Titled
FAT235 7" Paint it Black Surrender
FAT236 7" The Lawrence Arms Buttsweat and Tears
FAT237 7" The Flatliners Cynics Drive Studios
FAT238 7" NOFX Cokie the Clown Motor Studios
FAT239 7" NOFX My Orphan Year
FAT241 7" Smoke or Fire Prehistoric Knife Fight
FAT242 7" Swingin' Utters Brand New Lungs
FAT243 7" The Flatliners Monumental Drive Studios
FAT244 7" Old Man Markley For Better for Worse
FAT245 7" NOFX & The Spits NOFX / The Spits
FAT246 7" Swingin' Utters Taking the Long Way
FAT247 7" Rise Against Join the Ranks
FAT248 7" Teenage Bottlerocket Mutilate Me
FAT249 7" Dead to Me, Off with Their Heads & Riverboat Gamblers Split
FAT251 7" The Flatliners Count Your Bruises Drive Studios Calvacade Sessions
FAT252 7" NOFX Thalidomide Child Spinhead Studios 1984
FAT253 7" Old Man Markley Party Shack
FAT254 7" NOFX NO F-X Mistake Studios
FAT255 7" NOFX So What if We're on Mystic! Produced by Philip Raves
FAT256 7" NOFX My Stepdad’s a Cop and My Stepmom’s a Domme
FAT258 7" Swingin' Utters The Librarians Are Hiding Something Motor Studios
FAT259 7" NOFX Ronnie & Mags
FAT260 7" Old Man Markley Blood on My Hands
FAT261 7" Cobra Skulls Eagle Eyes
FAT262 7" Snuff In the Stocks Unit 2 Recording Studios Mixed at Motor Studios by Jamie McMann
FAT264 7" NOFX Xmas Has Been X’ed/New Year’s Revolution Motor Studios/Hurley Studios
FAT501 7" NOFX The P.M.R.C. Can Suck on This
FAT502 D-LP Lagwagon Duh Westbeach Recorders
FAT503 12" NOFX The Longest Line
FAT504 7" Lagwagon Tragic Vision / Angry Days
FAT505 7" NOFX Liza and Louise
FAT506 LP Propagandhi How to Clean Everything Where's The Beach? Studios
FAT507 LP No Use for a Name The Daily Grind Music Annex Studios
FAT508 7" Propagandhi How to Clean a Couple O' Things
FAT509 7" Rancid Radio Radio Radio Westbeach Studios
FAT510 7" 88 Fingers Louie Go Away
FAT511 7" Face to Face Disconnected
FAT512 7" 88 Fingers Louie Wanted
FAT513 D-LP Lagwagon Trashed Westbeach Studios
FAT514 7" NOFX Don't Call Me White
FAT515 LP Face to Face Don't Turn Away Westbeach Recorders
FAT516 7" Bracket Stinky Fingers
FAT517 LP Strung Out Another Day in Paradise Westbeach Recorders
FAT518 7" Bracket BS.
FAT519 12" Guns 'N' Wankers For Dancing and Listening
FAT520 LP Various Fat Music Volume I: Fat Music for Fat People Compilation
FAT521 LP Tilt Til it Kills Hyde Street
FAT522 LP No Use for a Name ¡leche Con Carne! The Razor's Edge
FAT523 LP Good Riddance For God and Country Razor's Edge Studios
FAT524 7" Good Riddance Decoy
FAT525 7" Horace Pinker Horace Pinker
FAT527 LP Wizo Uuaarrgh! N/A
FAT528 LP NOFX I Heard They Suck Live! Live Recording
FAT529 7" Frenzal Rhomb 4 Litres
FAT531 7" Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Denver
FAT532 D-LP Lagwagon Hoss Fat Planet Studios/Hyde Street Studios/The Razor's Edge
FAT534 LP Hi-Standard Growing Up
FAT535 7" Diesel Boy Strap on Seven Inch
FAT536 7" Hi-Standard California Dreamin'
FAT537 LP Strung Out Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues Rumbo Recorders/Razor's Edge/Fat Planet
FAT538 LP Various Fat Music Volume II: Survival of the Fattest Compilation
FAT539 LP Good Riddance A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion Razor's Edge Studios
FAT540 7" Snuff Long Ball To No One
FAT541 LP Goober Patrol Vacation Purple Rain
FAT542 7" The New Bomb Turks Stick it Out
FAT543 LP Snuff Snuffsaid...
FAT544 12" Snuff Flibbiddydibbiddydob
FAT545 LP Swingin' Utters A Juvenile Product of the Working Class H.O.S.
FAT546 7" NOFX Fuck the Kids
FAT547 LP Screeching Weasel Bark Like a Dog
FAT548 CD Bracket E Is For Everything On Fat N/A
FAT549 D-7" Bracket "F" Is for Fat
FAT550 7" 88 Fingers Louie The Teacher Gets it
FAT551 CD 88 FingersLouie The Dom Years Sonic Iguana
FAT552 LP Screw 32 Under the Influence of Bad People The Razor's Edge/Fat Planet Studios/Pyramid Studios
FAT553 VHS Various Artists Peepshow Compilation Video
FAT554 LP Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Have a Ball
FAT555 LP Hi-Standard Angry Fist Motor Studios
FAT556 LP Snuff Potatoes and Melons Wholesale Prices Straight From the Lock Up
FAT557 LP No Use for a Name Making Friends Motor Studios
FAT558 D-LP Lagwagon Double Plaidinum Motor Studios/Orange Whip/Music Annex/Dave Wallhausen Studios
FAT559 LP Bracket Novelty Forever Vocals@Prairie Sun Tracked and Mixed at Motor Studios
FAT560 LP Various Fat Music Volume III: Physical Fatness Compilation
FAT561 7" NOFX All of Me
FAT562 LP Snuff Tweet Tweet My Lovely Blackwing and Southern Studios Mixed@Motor Studios
FAT563 7" Snuff Schminkie Minkie Pinkie
FAT564 7" Goober Patrol Eight of Spades
FAT565 LP Good Riddance Ballads From the Revolution Motor Studios
FAT566 7" Tilt Gun Play Motor Studios
FAT567 LP Tilt Collect 'Em All Motor Studios
FAT568 7" The Dickies My Pop the Cop Produced and (mostly) Mixed at Motor Studios Puppet Stew Sessions
FAT569 7" Strung Out Crossroads and Illusions Rumbo Studios
FAT570 LP Strung Out Twisted by Design Rumbo Studios
FAT571 LP Wizo Kraut & Rüben N/A
FAT572 LP Screeching Weasel Television City Dream Sonic Iguana/The Uberstudio
FAT573 7" Swingin' Utters I Need Feedback
FAT574 LP Swingin' Utters Five Lessons Learned Motor Studios
FAT575 10" Consumed Breakfast at Pappa's Backstage Studios recorded by Andy Sneap
FAT576 LP Mad Caddies Duck and Cover Orange Whip Studios
FAT577 LP Goober Patrol Unbearable Lightness of Being Drunk Premier Studios
FAT578 10" Lagwagon Let's Talk About Feelings Motor Studios
FAT579 CD Swingin' Utters The Sounds Wrong E.P. IFA (The Ranch)
FAT580 CD StrungOut The Skinny Years... Before We Got Fat
FAT581 CD The Ataris Look Forward To Failure The Blasting Room & Orange Whip
FAT582 LP Sick of it All Call to Arms Big House NYC
FAT583 7" Sick of it All Potential for a Fall Big House NYC
FAT584 LP Consumed Hit for Six Backstage Studios recorded by Andy Sneap
FAT585 LP Various Fat Music Volume IV: Life in the Fat Lane Compilation
FAT586 LP Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Are a Drag Motor Studios
FAT587 LP Good Riddance Operation Phoenix The Blasting Room
FAT588 7" Frenzal Rhomb We're Going Out Tonight Total Access
FAT589 7" NOFX Timmy the Turtle
FAT590 DVD/VHS NOFX Ten Years Of Fuckin' Up Compilation Video
FAT591 LP Various Short Music for Short People Compilation
FAT592 LP Tilt Viewers Like You Motor Studios
FAT593 LP No Use for a Name More Betterness! Motor Studios
FAT594 7" NOFX Louise and Liza Motor Studios PUTV Sessions
FAT595 LP Frenzal Rhomb A Man's Not a Camel Total Access Recording/Sing Sing Studios
FAT596 CD Swingin' Utters Brazen Head EP Motor Studios
FAT597 LP AVAIL One Wrench Montana Studios
FAT598 CD Avail 100 Times Montana Studios
FAT599 LP Hi-Standard Making the Road Echo House
FAT600 7" Lagwagon A Feedbag of Truckstop Poetry
FAT601 LP Snuff Numb Nuts Presshouse & September Sound
FAT602 LP Bracket Live in a Dive Live Recording
FAT603 LP Swingin' Utters Swingin' Utters Motor Studios
FAT604 CD Mad Caddies The Holiday Has Been Cancelled Orange Whip
FAT605 12" NOFX The Decline Motor Studios
FAT606 12" Strung Out The Element of Sonic Defiance Stall#2 Mixed at Motor Studios
FAT607 LP Bracket When All Else Fails Motor Studios
FAT608 LP The Dickies All This and Puppet Stew West Beach Studios (Tracks 1-3, 8, and 10) Produced and (mostly) Mixed at Motor Studios
FAT609 VHS Good Riddance Exposed! 1994-1999
FAT610 VHS Sick Of It All The Story So Far
FAT611 10" Good Riddance The Phenomenon of Craving The Blasting Room
FAT612 LP Sick of it All Yours Truly Show Place Studios
FAT613 LP Various Fat Music Volume V: Live Fat, Die Young Compilation
FAT614 7" NOFX Pods and Gods Motor Studios PUTV Sessions
FAT615 LP Mad Caddies Rock the Plank Orange Whip Studios/Motor Studios
FAT616 LP Less Than Jake Borders & Boundaries Grand Master Studios
FAT617 LP Propagandhi Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes Motor Studios Additional Recording at Mid-Can Studios Motor Studios
FAT618 VHS Various Artists Peepshow II Compilation Video
FAT619 LP Zero Down With a Lifetime to Pay Motor Studios
FAT620 LP Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Blow in the Wind Motor Studios
FAT621 LP Frenzal Rhomb Shut Your Mouth Megaphon Studios Mastered @ Sterling Sound
FAT622 LP No Use for a Name Live in a Dive Live Recording
FAT623 LP Anti-Flag Underground Network Sonic Iguana Studios
FAT624 7" NOFX Surfer Motor Studios Mastered @ Oasis
FAT625 LP Good Riddance Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit The Blasting Room
FAT626 LP Tilt Been Where? Did What?
FAT627 10" Snuff Blue Gravy: Phase 9 Moles Studio
FAT628 LP Rise Against The Unraveling Sonic Iguana
FAT629 7" The Dickies Free Willy West Beach Studios (Track 3) Puppet Stew Sessions Produced and (mostly) Mixed at Motor Studios
FAT631 12" Mxpx The Renaissance EP Club House
FAT632 CD Hi-Standard Love Is A Battlefield
FAT633 LP Strung Out An American Paradox Westbeach Recorders
FAT634 CD No Use For A Name Incognito West Beach Recorders
FAT635 CD No Use For A Name Don't Miss The Train Music Annex
FAT636 CD Swingin' Utters The Streets Of San Francisco
FAT637 LP The Lawrence Arms Apathy and Exhaustion Atlas Studios
FAT638 LP Sick of it All Live in a Dive Live Recording Mixed @ Motor Studios
FAT639 LP No Use for a Name Hard Rock Bottom Motor Studios
FAT640 LP Dillinger Four Situationist Comedy The Terrarium
FAT641 LP NOFX 22 Songs That Weren't Good Enough to Go on Our Other Records Compilation
FAT642 LP Lagwagon Blaze Motor Studios
FAT643 LP Anti-Flag Terror State Mr. Small's Theater
FAT644 DVD Various Artists Peepshow Compilation Video
FAT645 LP Mad Caddies Just One More Orange Whip Studios/Motor Studios
FAT646 LP Various Fat Music Volume VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence Compilation
FAT647 LP AVAIL Front Porch Stories Sound of Music Studios
FAT648 LP Swingin' Utters Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass and Bones Stout Recording/Grandmaster Recorders/Greedy Media
FAT650 LP Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Take a Break Motor Studios
FAT651 CD Lagwagon Let's Talk About Leftovers
FAT652 D-LP Strung Out Live in a Dive Live Recording
FAT653 LP Rise Against Revolutions Per Minute The Blasting Room
FAT654 LP Good Riddance Bound by Ties of Blood and Affection The Blasting Room
FAT655 CD Frenzal Rhomb Sans Souci Total Access & The Hideout
FAT656 7" NOFX Regaining Unconsciousness Motor Studios WOE Sessions
FAT657 LP NOFX The War on Errorism Motor Studios
FAT658 LP Sick of it All Life on the Ropes Atomic Recording Company
FAT659 LP None More Black File Under Black Clay Creek
FAT660 10" The Fight Home is Where the Hate is The Blasting Room
FAT661 7" NOFX 13 Stitches Motor Studios From WOE Session "Except for 13 Stitches Which Wasn't Actually Recorded Anywhere Take that as you will
FAT663 CD Various Artists Liberation: Songs To Benefit PETA Compilation
FAT664 D-LP Subhumans Live in a Dive Live Recording
FAT665 LP Joey Cape & Tony Sly Acoustic Motor Studios Tony side only
FAT666 LP Propagandhi Less Talk, More Rock The Razor's Edge
FAT667 LP Against Me! As The Eternal Cowboy Ardent Studios
FAT668 LP The Lawrence Arms The Greatest Story Ever Told
FAT669 D-LP Swingin' Utters Live in a Dive Live Recording
FAT670 D-LP Lagwagon Live in a Dive Live Recording
FAT671 7" Descendents Merican The Blasting Room Additional Recording @ Planet Of Sound
FAT672 LP Descendents Cool to Be You The Blasting Room
FAT673 7" Western Addiction Remember to Dismember Recorded & Mixed @ Stout
FAT674 LP Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah Live Recording
FAT675 CD+DVD Various Artists Rock Against Bush Vol. 1 Compilation Mastered at Oasis Mastering
FAT676 DVD Various Artists Peepshow III Compilation Video
FAT677 CD+DVD Various Artists Rock Against Bush Vol. 2 Compilation Mastered at Red Mastering
FAT678 CD The Epoxies Epoxies Smegma Studios
FAT679 DVD Against Me! We're Never Going Home
FAT680 LP Strung Out Exile in Oblivion
FAT681 CD Mad Caddies Live From Toronto: Songs In The Key Of Eh Live Recording Recorded Live In Toronto
FAT682 LP Only Crime To the Nines The Blasting Room
FAT683 CD Propagandhi Potemkin City Limits A Warehouse,Basement & A Bedroom
FAT684 D-LP Against Me! Searching For A Former Clarity The Magpie Cage
FAT685 CD Sick Of It All Outtakes For The Outcast Various
FAT686 CD Bad Astronaut Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment Orange Whip, Motor Studios, Crank Lab Also Mixed @ Motor Studios
FAT687 LP Smoke or Fire Above the City New Alliance
FAT688 CD Snuff Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other. 1986-2002 Compilation
FAT689 LP The Epoxies Stop the Future Jupiter Studios Basic tracking@Motor Studios
FAT690 CD No Use For A Name All the Best Songs Mr. Toad's
FAT691 LP No Use for a Name Keep Them Confused Motor Studios
FAT692 LP Chixdiggit Pink Razors The Broom Closet/Sundae Sound
FAT693 LP The Soviettes LP III The Terrarium
FAT694 LP The Real Mckenzies 10,000 Shots ?
FAT695 CD Rise Against The Unraveling (Reissue) Sonic Iguana
FAT696 D-LP Screeching Weasel Weasel Mania Compilation
FAT697 CD Various Artists PROTECT: A Benefit For The National Association To Protect Children Compilation
FAT698 LP Western Addiction Cognicide
FAT699 LP Lagwagon Resolve Motor Studios
FAT700 CD Various Artists WRECKTROSPECTIVE Compilation
FAT701 12" Against Me! Don't Lose Touch
FAT702 CD Mad Caddies Keep It Going Hollywood, Orange Whip & Others
FAT703 LP The Lawrence Arms Oh! Calcutta!
FAT704 CD Randy Randy The Band Decibel Studios
FAT705 LP The Loved Ones Keep Your Heart Salad Days
FAT706 LP Strike Anywhere Dead FM Salad Days
FAT707 LP Good Riddance My Republic Motor Studios
FAT708 CD NOFX Never Trust A Hippy Motor Studios
FAT709 LP The Sainte Catherines Dancing for Decadence Piccolo Studios
FAT710 LP Love Equals Death Nightmerica The Blasting Room
FAT711 LP NOFX Wolves in Wolves' Clothing Motor Studios
FAT712 LP Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Love Their Country Motor Studios
FAT713 CD None More Black This Is Satire Magpie Cage
FAT714 12" Against Me! From Her Lips To God's Ears
FAT715 LP Dead to Me Cuban Ballerina Motor Studios
FAT716 12" Against Me! Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live In London!!! Live Recording
FAT717 LP Smoke or Fire This Sinking Ship Atlas Studios
FAT718 LP Dillinger Four Civil War The Terrarium
FAT719 LP Only Crime Virulence The Blasting Room
FAT720 CD Citizen Fish / Leftover Crack Deadline Motor Studios 1/2 Vocals and Mixing
FAT721 CD StrungOut Blackhawks Over Los Angeles Sunset Lodge & Hydeaway
FAT722 LP NOFX They've Actually Gotten Worse Live! Live Recording
FAT723 LP The Flatliners The Great Awake Drive Studios
FAT724 LP American Steel Destroy Their Future Sharkbite Studios
FAT725 D-LP Good Riddance Remain in Memory - The Final Show Live Recording
FAT727 12" Dead to Me Little Brother Motor Studios
FAT728 LP The Loved Ones Build & Burn The Wild Arctic/Little Eden
FAT729 LP Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Have Another Ball! (The Unearthed A-Sides Album) Motor Studios 2 songs remixed
FAT730 LP No Use for a Name The Feel Good Record of the Year The Blasting Room
FAT731 LP The Real Mckenzies Off the Leash Motor Studios
FAT732 LP Star Fucking Hipsters Until We're Dead Music/Vocals Recorded @ Wild Arctic, Vocals Recorded @Motor Studios Mixed @ Wild Arctic & Motor Studios
FAT733 12" Lagwagon I Think My Older Brother ... Motor Studios
FAT734 LP Swingin' Utters Hatest Grits: B-Sides and Bullshit Compilation
FAT735 LP Smoke or Fire The Speakeasy Atlas
FAT736 LP Strung Out Prototypes and Painkillers Compilation
FAT737 LP NOFX Frisbee Motor Studios
FAT738 12" The Loved Ones Distractions Salad Days/Wild Arctic Studios
FAT739 LP Strung Out Agents of the Underground Maple Studios
FAT740 DVD NOFX Backstage Passport Compilation Video
FAT741 LP American Steel Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts Sharkbite Studios
FAT742 CD Pour Habit Suiticide Love Juice Labs
FAT743 LP Against Me! The Original Cowboy Goldentone Studios
FAT744 LP Against Me! Total Clarity Goldentone Studios
FAT745 LP Banner Pilot Collapser Terrarium
FAT747 LP Teenage Bottlerocket They Came From the Shadows Blasting Room
FAT748 LP The Flatliners Cavalcade Drive
FAT749 LP Dead to Me African Elephants Motor Studios
FAT750 LP Pour Habit Got Your Back Synergy
FAT751 LP Tony Sly 12 Song Program Motor Studios
FAT752 CD NOFX Cokie the Clown Motor Studios Mixed
FAT753 D-LP The Real Mckenzies Shine Not Burn Live Recording
FAT754 LP Swingin' Utters Here, Under Protest Motor Studios
FAT756 LP Good Riddance Capricorn One: Singles & Rarities Compilation
FAT757 D-LP Mad Caddies Consentual Selections Compilation
FAT758 D-LP NOFX The Longest EP Compilation
FAT759 LP Banner Pilot Resignation Day Terrarium
FAT760 LP None More Black Icons Studio Four
FAT761 LP Screeching Weasel Television City Dream Sonic Iguana/The Uberstudio
FAT762 D-LP Various Fat Music Volume VII: Harder Fatter & Louder Compilation
FAT763 LP Old Man Markley Guts N' Teeth Big Game Lodge
FAT764 12" Cobra Skulls Bringing the War Home Motor Studios
FAT765 7" Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Go Down Under Motor Studios
FAT766 12" Chixdiggit Safeways Here We Come Airwaves and Broom Closet
FAT767 LP Screeching Weasel First World Manifesto Mystery Room Mastering & Recording Co./Blast House
FAT768 D-LP Strung Out Top Contenders: The Best of Strung Out Compilation
FAT769 LP Star Fucking Hipsters From the Dumpster to the Grave ?
FAT770 LP Tony Sly Sad Bear Motor Studios
FAT771 LP Ellwood Lost in Transition Montecito
FAT772 DVD The Lawrence Arms An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance Live Recording Video from The Metro - Chicago,IL
FAT774 LP Dead to Me Moscow Penny Ante Atlas Studios
FAT775 LP Cobra Skulls Agitations Motor Studios
FAT776 12" Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Sing in Japanese Studio 606
FAT777 LP NOFX Self / Entitled Motor Studios
FAT778 LP Banner Pilot Heart Beats Pacific The Terrarium
FAT779 LP Frenzal Rhomb Smoko At The Pet Food Factory The Blasting Room
FAT780 10" Various Fat Music For Fest People Compilation
FAT787 LP Useless ID Symptoms The Blasting Room
FAT788 LP The Real Mckenzies Westwinds Crabapple Downs
FAT789 LP Teenage Bottlerocket Freak Out! The Blasting Room
FAT790 LP Joey Cape & Tony Sly Acoustic Volume 2 Motor Studios Tony side only
FAT793 LP Less Than Jake Borders & Boundaries (Reissue) Grand Master Studios
FAT799 LP The Flatliners Destroy To Create Drive basement
FAT903 LP Snuff 5-4-3-2-1-Perhaps! Unit 2 Recording Studios
FAT904 DVD NOFX The Decline Live DVD Motor Studios Live Recording Audio Mix
FAT905 10" Various Fat Music for Fest People II Compilation
FAT906 LP Less Than Jake Greetings and Salutations The Moathouse
FAT907 LP Masked Intruder Masked Intruder Atlas Studios


Honest Don's Studio Log
# Format Title Album Studio Other
DON001 LP Diesel Boy Cock Rock Razor's Edge Mixed @ Fat Planet
DON002 LP Dance Hall Crashers Old Record (82-92) Dancing Dog, Sound And Vision & Razor's Edge
DON003 LP J Church Drama Of Alienation Razor's Edge
DON004 7" M.D.C. Featuring Pig Champion
DON005 CD The Other The Other
DON006 LP Submissives An Anvil Will Wear Out Many A Hammer
DON007 LP Mad Caddies Quality Soft Core Orange Whip Studios Mastered @ Orange Whip
DON008 LP Limp Pop & Disorderly
DON009 7" Riverdales Blood On The Ice
DON010 LP Riverdales Storm The Streets
DON011 CD Various Artists Welcome Wagon COMP N/A
DON012 7" Chixdiggit! Chupacabras Mastered @ OceanView Digital
DON013 LP Teen Idols Teen Idols üBerstudio Mixed @ Sonic Iguana
DON014 LP Diesel Boy Venus Envy Motor Studios Mastered @ Ocean View
DON015 LP Hagfish Hagfish The Blasting Room Mastered @ Ocean View
DON016 LP Chixdiggit! Born On The 1st Of July
DON017 LP Fluf Road Rage Big Fish In Olivehain
DON018 CD Various Artists Greatest Shits COMP N/A
DON019 LP Limp Guitarded Motor Studios Recorded & Mixed Mastered @ Ocean View
DON020 7" Me First & The Gimme Gimmes Elton
DON021 LP Dogpiss Eine Kleine Punkmusik Shabby Road Studio
DON022 LP Teen Idols Pucker Up!
DON023 CD Various Artists Return Of The Read Menace N/A Mastered @ Ken Lee Mastering
DON024 LP The Muffs Alert Today AliveTomorrow Sound City & King Sound
DON025 LP Diesel Boy Sofa King Cool Motor Studios Recorded & Mixed Mastered @ Ocean View
DON026 CD Teen Idols It Found A Voice Omega Sound & Sonic Iguana Mastered @ JVC Mastering Center
DON027 LP Nerf Herder How To Meet Girls
DON028 LP Chixdiggit! From Scene To Shining Scene Sundae Sound Studios Mastered @ Infinite Wave
DON029 2LP J Church One Mississippi Lucky Cat Recordings
DON030 LP Teen Idols Full Leather Jacket
DON031 CD Bad Astronaut Acrophobe
DON032 LP Big In Japan Destroy The New Rock Sonic Iguana
DON034 LP Diesel Boy Rode Hard & Put Away Wet Motor Studios Recorded & Mixed Mastered @ Oasis
DON035 LP Inspection 12 In Recovery Hole Of The Pigeon - Mixed @ Orange Whip Mastered @ New American Sound
DON036 LP Citizen Fish Life Size NAM Studio Mastered @ Tranfermation London
DON037 LP Real McKenzies Loch’d & Loaded IronWood Studios Mastered @ RFI
DON038 LP Limp Limp Motor Studios Recorded & Mixed Mastered @ Oasis
DON039 CD Various Artists Dirty Dishes COMP N/A
DON040 LP Nerf Herder American Cheese Orange Whip Studios Mastered @ Oasis
DON041 CD Bad Astronaut Houston: We Have A Drinking Problem Orange Peel Studios, Orange Whip Studios & The Blasting Room Mastered @ Bernie grundman
DON042 LP Squirtgun Fade To Bright Sonic Iguana Studis
DON044 LP Real McKenzies Oot & Aboot Motor Studios Mastered @ Redmastering
DON045 CD Nerf Herder My E.P. Orange Whip, Crank Lab, Motor Studios & Santa Barbara Orchid Estate


Pink & Black Studio Log
# Format Title Album Studio Other
PNK401 LP Dance Hall Crashers Purr
PNK402 2LP Dance Hall Crashers The Live Record Live @ The Troubador Mixed @ Castle Oaks, Mastered @ Oasis
PNK403 LP Fabulous Disaster Put Out Or Get Out Motor Studios Mastered @ Oasis
PNK404 LP The Flipsides Clever One Hit Wall, NuTone & Mullen Ave. Mixed @ Fantasy & Mullen Ave.
PNK405 LP Fabulous Disaster Panty Raid! Tiny Telephone Studios Mastered @ Oasis