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To a dyslexic person, chestnuts are simply misplaced tentacles...


Ya' what?

Probably the senior citizen here. Somewhat driven. Don't stop at the lights. The captain moniker stuck almost 30 years ago, after a particular small pair of sunglasses left me stranded in the 'sensible' bracket. No point arguing that. My focus now is on design, IT, collecting music, family and life.

I collect FAT, if you have FAT talk to me.

Exchange (fluids omitted)

Awesome traders

WIKI: tattosdonthurt, mycaddydeville, permafaust, Moon, debyrne, nofx101, RobitsHateRecords, memil, Tex, Fruttomike, Yrb, BCfromDOD, jmapelteuz, konsonant, pinch2k4, PolkaPunk, punkguy, stegabilly, wrappedintinfoil, kiwial, LoriMeyers, karmamook1, Dominator, Hubleybomb, vegetauren, DCScreech, elfactor, vncnt, switch, hakshdogihwpha, Nick, EHCRecords, Johnnyh85, narc0l3pt, debyrne, TillyLasVegas, StevenCaine, Murkt, gutterpunk79, Qcfatqc, Laurensfrombelgium Mastenator Christoph Aure69 Drewdog SoupUDR JackieJab deeperBlue

and a lot more...

VC: dethrock; marlon; fsccheek; punkguysc

Others: Marco and Aaron from RPM; Kyle Whitlow; Kevin from Loch Ness Radio; billystringer, oldbullrider1 and batfuk on ebay.

Avoid like fuck traders

ebay: duhboardwalk, deedoubleu12 >>> both scammed me and others, got paid and never sent records; luckyrecs2011 >>> No comms, no record, poor seller; teenage_schizoid32 >>> Lied & overcharged about postage, lied about dispatch & customs and needed Paypal claim to get going.

Wiki Projects

I have compiled the The Fatalog of FAT releases which strives to include every Vinyl pressing, Colour & Variant, release dates and known pressing numbers as well as other release related gubbins...

There is also the Non Vinyl FAT Catalog page for a list of Non-vinyl Releases such as CD only, DVD and VHS.

Finally there is a list of Classic Represses on FAT only, aptly named the Classic Represses page, plus a page for the Store editions which are only available if you buy from the store in person. For a full list of Store Editions go to the Store Editions Catalog.

The latest project is the FATTEST book a digital edition of all FAT and NOFX releases. Likely to be released some point in 2018, it features fan art and compiled pictures of all colour releases for publication as a PDF book.

My FAT Collection

Ok I deleted my list, unfortunately I am no longer listing it on here because of the you know who you ares (arse).