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ringleader of the fat wiki cartel
Jacksonville, FL, USA

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GFS's Comments Page

Some Crap About Me

I used to sing and play bass in the Midget Fan Club. It was pretty cool. Now I sing and play guitar with a shitty lounge-core cover band called Jimmy & the Joysticks. Also pretty cool.

I also play original music under the name Jason Guy Smiley. It would be pretty nice if you would check that page out and maybe like it.

Other Bands I Like

The Menzingers, The Front Bottoms, Lemuria, Captain We're Sinking, Rancid

Other Shit I Am Into

Watching some TV shows, playing some video games, going to shows
The Ukulele

Fave 5 6 Fat Bands

NOFXThe Loved Ones

Less Than JakeLagwagon

Against Me!Tony Sly



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